Power Transfer Technologies

A leader in signal and Power Transfer Technologies

Nuvimek is proud of its worldwide expertise acquired in the various systems used around the world for more than 120 years.

  • Complete Technical Solutions

    We offer complete technical solutions for all sliding contact applications requiring high-performance products:

    • Motors
    • Generators
    • Current collection
    • Railway lubrication
  • Range Solutions

    Our range of solutions is available all over the world through our local sales networks. It includes:

    • Carbon brushes
    • Brush-holders
    • Brush-rockers and brush gear housings
    • Slip ring assemblies
    • Signal and power transmission systems, pitch control slip rings, electrical slip rings and rotary joints
    • Current collection (pantograph contact strips, 3rd rail shoes and industrial current collectors)
    • Wheel flange lubrication solutions
    • Carbon dust collection systems
    • Monitoring solutions
  • Mantenance Services

    Our expert teams are fully dedicated to provide full support geared to our customers’ requirements:

    • Reengineering solutions (retrofit)
    • Expertise and diagnostics
    • In situ machining and maintenance
    • Dedicated measurement devices and maintenance tools
    • Adapted technical training 
  • Markets

    We address markets requiring reliable and highly efficient solutions:

    • Renewable energies: wind and hydro power generators
    • Conventional energies: thermal, nuclear, mining, oil & gas
    • Transportation: civil and military aeronautics, railways, transit (metro & tramways, trolleybus, bus)
    • Process industries: steel, pulp & paper, rubber & plastics…

    Our premium carbon grades are currently regarded as benchmark around the world, here are some examples:

    • LFC 554 (turbo generators)
    • CG626 & CG677 (wind turbine generators)
    • EG34D (DC motors)
    • P3210 (high-current contact strips)…
  • Commitment to Innovate

    A strong commitment to innovate to anticipate the technical challenges of the future

    Our expertise, backed up by the use of high-tech test benches and equipment in our R&D centers, enables us to be actively focused on innovation.

    We devote our know-how, technology and innovation capabilities to the performance of our customers. Our strong R&D pole with multidisciplinary and extensive test facilities enables us to develop unprecedented solutions allowing users to leverage their daily operations (improved uptime, better service rate, and reduced maintenance cost).  

    We combine our historic know-how and new technologies – for example numerical analysis – to open perspectives one might not have thought of, thus offering efficient innovative products and solutions.

A strong commitment

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