A Journey’s Milestone

Dear Partners,

We inform you of an important milestone in our journey. As of today, our Company is changing its name and embarking on a new chapter. Our new name is “NUVIMEK SOCIÉTÉ ANONYME INDUSTRIAL COMPANY FOR THE PRODUCTION AND SALE OF COAL AND GRAPHITE PRODUCTS“.

With the change of the brand name, coinciding with 50 years of uninterrupted manufacturing and commercial presence in Greece, the Balkans, and Cyprus, the Company’s communication profile aligns with its modern shareholder composition. Following the acquisition of the share capital by experienced managers, our Company is no longer a direct branch of the MERSEN Group. This significant change is now reflected in our name. Moreover, the modern aesthetics of our new logo and its verbal component convey the vision and values of the Company’s new leadership: a timeless dedication to innovative construction work and sustainable development.

Despite the change in brand name, our commercial and manufacturing activities remain unchanged. The Company continues to be a 100% business partner of the MERSEN Group, from which it receives continuous know-how and commercial support. This relationship is reflected in our shared tagline: “ELECTRICAL POWER AND ADVANCED MATERIALS.” NUVIMEK continues to be the exclusive user of the MERSEN trademark in the markets where it operates.

Our clear mission, over these 50 years—whether as CARMOR HELLAS initially, or as CARBONE LORRAINE GRECE and later MERSEN HELLAS, and now as NUVIMEK—remains this: to provide innovative and specialized solutions that enhance the competitiveness of our clients’ projects, all while respecting the environment and promoting sustainable development.

In closing this letter, we want to express our gratitude for your continued support. Without your trust and cooperation, this important transition would not be possible.

Thank you!

Costas Papaconstantinou
Managing Director